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[rt_heading style=”” align=”” mobile_align=”” size=”h1″ font_color_type=”” font=”” custom_font_size=”” link=”” link_open=”_self”]It all starts and ends [rt_highlight style=”style-1″]at your website[/rt_highlight] so it needs to be right[/rt_heading][rt_chained_contents style=”1″ align=”left” font=”” thick_border=””][rt_chained_content icon_name=”icon-ok” title=”Functionality”]We start with a check of your website because it needs to be where all media, leads, and engagement with all stakeholders happen. We will be sending everyone to your website – to different areas and landing pages – but it needs to deliver the right information and the right funnel to more information and a call/meeting.[/rt_chained_content][rt_chained_content icon_name=”icon-ok” title=”Everything goes to your website”]This includes:

  • Press releases
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Webinars
  • Reports
  • News articles
  • Search marketing
  • Conference marketing
  • Podcasts and more
[/rt_chained_content][rt_chained_content icon_name=”icon-ok” title=”Refresh”]If necessary we recommend a refresh. This is always affordable and fast and delivers important elements like speed, brand, content, contact forms that work, video, news articles and more.[/rt_chained_content][rt_chained_content icon_name=”icon-ok” title=”Ongoing stability”]Our creative and developer team provides a 24-hour support service against the site being compromised. All news and content updates are included in your Media Program.[/rt_chained_content][rt_chained_content icon_name=”icon-ok” title=”BioPharma Led Web Presence”]It isn’t enough for a website to look good. The content needs to be informed by a deep knowledge of the sector – that’s where we come in. All content is written and prepared by industry experts not web designers.[/rt_chained_content][rt_chained_content icon_name=”icon-ok” title=”Metrics matter”]We are checking your analytics regularly and measuring success around media via these analytics. Ultimately it is about visits to your website by the right people who convert into a completed form or meeting booking or even register for a webinar or a report.[/rt_chained_content][/rt_chained_contents]