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A global agency, born in Palo Alto, CA in 2021

We deliver more than 22 years of global biopharma growth marketing communications experience

Digital Mantra Group was established in 2001 in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley with the Sydney office opening soon after in 2002, then the Singapore and EU offices followed.

The global business media team brings proven solutions from almost 2 decades of media experience working with small biotechs to large pharma and CROs.

Since 2001 Digital Mantra Group has been unlocking the power of company news for reputation and growth helping client companies secure client leads, significant funding, and a raft of international deals.

Central to our offering is delivering “earned media” – the most powerful form of content in this content-driven world. Our expert team extends the value and digital reach of this content keeping it in front of target biopharma audiences across all media formats and channels. 

Founded by former health news journalist and health communications specialist Susan Fitzpatrick-Napier, Digital Mantra Group has always focussed on news and the value of content and information as the basis for profile-building programs for its client companies.

We have an outstanding reputation for success, building company reputations and influence via digital and the business media in Australia, Asia, EU, UK and the USA. We have also helped our clients secure more than $600 million in funding, run successful IPO media programs and roadshows, and developed and managed investor engagement programs to support company value and growth.

Our team has arranged interviews for clients with the world’s leading media including CNN, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Reuters, AP and Bloomberg. Plus the most influential trade media reporting on biotech, pharma, health, finance and investment, and the life sciences sectors.

Susan Fitzpatrick-Napier, CEO & Founder