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Clinical Trial News

Share every success

Tell the world about every success. From start-up to regulatory approval, site activation, and then first dosed, then when enrollment is complete, it is all excellent news for your company and your study.

A press release or news feature can reach important partners, investors, and potential study participants.

At Digital Mantra Group, we can also work with your partners, including CROs, to get your news out as a joint press release or news article, saving time and funds.

Our clients have been featured in some of the world's leading media...

Our Clients are Recognized by the Leading BioPharma Awards

Our clients win some of the most prestigious industry awards which significantly contributes to growth marketing, sector positioning, lead generation, and investment attraction.
Citeline Awards

Our clients are Citeline award winners

Cell & Gene Excellence Award

Our clients have won the prestigious Cell & Gene Therapy Award

Frost & Sullivan Awards

Our clients have won Frost & Sullivan Awards every year

CRO Leadership Award

Our clients are recognised by CRO Leader every year