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Press release: Savvy Biotech Companies Pivot to Virtual Biz Dev as Trade Shows and Meetings Suffer COVID-19 Collapse

Award-winning global leader in digital communications for biotech and healthcare companies Digital Mantra Group said today that smart companies are quickly shifting to digital for lead-generation as trade shows and face to face meetings are shuttered in the COVID-19 outbreak.


Images worth a thousand words

One of the first action items for companies we work with is to get a bank or store of great images. They work hard when it comes to publicity. Media want images, readers and viewers love images. Indeed studies show readers look first at the picture, the caption, then the headline then start reading if […]

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Power up your PR at trade shows

If you are like most companies a conference or trade show is a considerable expense. Flights, the Booth, staff and more. Get additional ROI with a strong media profile at the conference. The whole point of being there is to make yourself known to key people, companies, and decision makers. Connect with them through the […]

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The power of a video

Never under estimate the power of a picture or a video. They are increasingly the most compelling communication tools that can share huge amounts of information instantly and in the case of a “how to video” – walk through and explain a complicated concept in seconds. At DMG one of our first actions with a […]

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Who can you trust?

  Who can you trust in business? Yes you trust companies and people you know, but how does a new or unknown company get your trust? Do you trust the opinion and reporting of journalists and bloggers in your industry media? Most would say yes. The quality media, not the ones that produce editorial on […]

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Content is still king

We all know content is king – but how many companies have a content marketing plan that delivers on their capital raising or lead generation targets? This is a plan for generating new content for the online and offline channels that tap your influencers and decision-makers (IDMs). Everyone is busy so the more you can re-purpose a […]

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DMG client secures $5m

Algae.Tec the leading algae to biofuels company has just completed (in 3 days) a successful $5m placement with Patersons Securities. The funds will be used to fast-track existing projects. Algae.Tec has recently announced a biofuels deal with global airline Lufthansa.

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Social Media only Agencies beware

Great post from an angry journo: Why I Will Never, Ever Hire A “Social Media Expert” “Being an expert in social media is like being an expert at taking the bread out of the refrigerator. You might be the best bread-taker-outer in the world, but you know what? The goal is to make an amazing […]


How to defend your online reputation

Brad Howarth shares the challenges of managing corporate online reputation in an article in Smart Company. Media Marketing is about driving growth and sales and leads but also about building reputations and managing and protecting them via the many media channels that connect you with your people.  However, the unexpected can happen and that is […]

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