July 3, 2017

Press Release | CDD appoints DMG

The world leader in FMT and digestive diseases, the Centre for Digestive Diseases (CDD) has appointed DMG for media relations as part of a rapid growth strategy for the company. Based in Sydney, Australia, the CDD headed by Professor Thomas Borody is the world leader for innovative digestive diseases treatment that cannot be treated using […]

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October 15, 2015

PRESS RELEASE | HLA gets PRCover the fixed-price unlimited PR service for SMEs and startups that want investment attraction and rapid growth

  PRESS RELEASE November 1, 2015 For interviews contact +61 2 8218 2144 or +1 650 798 5238 | Health Language Analytics (HLA) the leading natural language processing technology platform has taken advantage of PRCover, the unlimited PR service for startups and SMEs. HLA has just signed up for a year’s unlimited PR with a focus on USA […]

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October 2, 2015

PRESS RELEASE | Greenbank Environmental appoints DMG for media and communications

PRESS RELEASE October 1, 2015 For interviews contact +61 2 8218 2144 or +1 650 798 5238 | Greenbank Environmental, Australia’s largest independent trader in solar credits, has appointed Digital Mantra Group (DMG) as its media and communications company. Over the past 15 years DMG has delivered media profiles for more than 74 companies for capital raising and […]

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July 28, 2010

DMG secures media wins for Finisar

Finisar global CEO Eitan Gertel was in town last week and DMG arranged high-profile media meetings with the AFR, ARN, ITNews, Exchange Daily and ZDNet where he spoke about bandwidth capacity globally, and how Finisar’s ROADM technology developed in Australia and backed by Starfish Ventures is now the world leader. See reports in ITNews, Exchange […]

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