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Multi-screen TV journalism

Watching the Liberal leadership spill on Sky News last night showed how dependent media now is on multi-screens for news gathering and delivery. The commentators and anchors had their mobiles on and in shot and openly checked texts and tweets while others talked. At one stage David Speers even left his seat to take a call! […]

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Survey Finds Earned Media More Essential than Ever in Today’s Modern Communications Model

“While social media revolutionized the way we communicate, we must not underestimate the power and credibility that traditional media relations provides,” said Jennifer Risi, Managing Director, Ogilvy Media Influence and Head of Media Relations, North America.  “The results give a clear indication of the critical role that public relations – and earned media in particular […]

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Putting a value on media reporting

How valuable is media coverage from top-tier media or trade/industry media? Smart companies know the value of respected third party media validation to their brand, business and growth. So they are prepared to invest in media agencies that open doors to influential media and manage the process to support the information exchange between the company […]

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We work with many startups and see what goes on from the inside. One of the big problems we see in startups is talented senior females in the executive team or even founders or co-founders taking on the “busy work” in a bid to get the company moving fast. Website build/design and management of coders, […]

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The power of an image

One of the first recommendations we make to a new client company is invest in a photo shoot for great shots of executives, product, location and offices etc. A good image will at least double your chance of getting news media coverage. It will also mean bigger placement – taking your story from an in brief […]

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Five reasons why hiring a good PR firm is good for business

VentureBeat features a great article about the value a good agency can bring to a start-up, young company, small business, medium sized business and why the large ones believe hiring aPR firm is a no-brainer. Other VentureBeat articles on PR agencies have emphasized the importance of insisting “having one of the senior-level executives working directly […]

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How to rapidly build a business profile in the USA

After more than 20 years of growing more than 130 businesses into successful companies –  many of them becoming global public companies through IPOs – we wanted to share this wealth of public relations and marketing experience because everyone deserves to know. The USA is still, despite economic challenges, a destination for expansion and investment […]

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Images worth a thousand words

One of the first action items for companies we work with is to get a bank or store of great images. They work hard when it comes to publicity. Media want images, readers and viewers love images. Indeed studies show readers look first at the picture, the caption, then the headline then start reading if […]

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Power up your PR at trade shows

If you are like most companies a conference or trade show is a considerable expense. Flights, the Booth, staff and more. Get additional ROI with a strong media profile at the conference. The whole point of being there is to make yourself known to key people, companies, and decision makers. Connect with them through the […]

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