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Get fresh news ideas for your company

After 20 years in the media and PR business, we know what makes news.
At DMG we leverage all news media formats including print, TV, radio, blogs, social media, and modern business influencers.
Plus we are pitching media every day around the globe so make sure you are part of our pitch.

Our core PR and media services

Our IPO and IR services are sought out by leading companies wanting maximum returns. They include currently listed or pre-IPO companies – across all exchanges including the ASX and Nasdaq.

IPO work includes all branding, web presence, social media, press releases, interviews with opinion-leading media and news article placements. It also covers Roadshows, briefing and preparations, and our executives travel with the presentation team.

Post IPO company value is enhanced with a stong media presence and continual information flow and updates to inform investors.

PRCover is the only complete PR solution for fast growing companies.

PRCover leverages our 2 decades of business news media experience where we have launched and grown companies around the globe, and secured more than $140m in funding for our clients.

It is the only service you need for growth, investment attraction, and deal flow comprising the core essentials of press releases, curated Target Media lists, media engagement and news distribution and an online databoard for real-time reporting of PR results.

Our work with you is informed by data and results. So every client has their own online private databoard for real-time reporting of PR activity and results.

Reputation management is a core part of our work. The key is to help clients avoid pitfalls, so we work closeley with them to establish practical guidelines for media and stakeholder communications, just in case there is ever an issue facing the company.

In addition, we have proven and professional processes in place so any challenge is managed quickly and appropriately.

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Our expertise

  1. 1
    News media

    What is a news story, how to present the story to media and which media like what types of news stories.

  2. 2
    Media contacts

    After 20 years in the business, we know the most influential trade and business media and even consumer media so they take our calls and reply to our email pitches – almost every time!

  3. 3
    Integrated media

    We know how to extend the life and leverage of your news media wins via social media and your online presence including enewsletters, email signatures, and even using them in investor pitches and new business and customer retention campaigns.

  4. 4
    Investor relations/capital raisings

    Investors like to see news coverage, in fact, it is a key element for a successful IPO and share price management

  5. 5
    Search Marketing

    News media coverage delivers exceptional search results, keeping a company top of search pages in engines like Google. News articles can stay online for years delivering powerful reputational and awareness among target audiences.

Our Work Process


The Mission

Tell us what you need and when – and what are the KPIs for success.


Landscape review

We look at what you have done and said in the past. What your competitors are doing. What your trade or business media are reporting on.



We prepare a recommendation strategy for executive or Board approval.



We can start within 24 hours but do require at least 3 days to prepare media target lists, pitches, image banks and supporting data – all of which need to be approved client side.



Weekly reports are updated and often daily emails and calls are part of the processes.


Data Board

You can see any time – real time – how the campaign is running via your own DMG online Data Board.



Most clients want to stay working with DMG so we set up an ongoing program to support and leverage the project work and keep media engaged and reporting on your company.

20Years of Experience
12Professional Staff
148Funds raised $m
2400Media Wins