IPO/Listing Media Program - Digital Mantra Group

Behind all our successful investment, Listing or Placement programs is a strong media profile program.

We deliver the investor and stakeholder awareness required for a successful ASX, NSX or Placement via the news media that your decision-makers see, hear and read – In Australia, Asia and the USA.

Our work covers online and social media as well as traditional media like the financial and trade press.

Download the IPO Media Program fact sheet here

Investor website

Central to our work is the development of an investor website portal which is where we direct all traffic from media profiles and communications to support a successful investment outcome.

Investor brochures and presentations

Part of our role is to develop investor fact sheets and presentations for investor roadshows, in collaboration with brokers.

Tapping Asian Markets

Our client companies are introduced to key financial journalists for briefings which result in the type of new coverage profile that money can’t buy. We reach into the powerful USA financial markets, as well as Asian markets with translations and country specific news.

News Longevity

News editorial features deliver instant awareness, credibility and validation among the target investor audience. This news will stay on Google and other search engines as lead results when investors search for your company.

These news reports are also ideal for sending to potential investors and sharing on your website and social media.

Download the IPO Media Program fact sheet here