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Our expertise

Our style is hands-on so you always get the most senior people working with you. People with years of experience in media, journalism and social media so you get your message shared online and offline in the markets that matter.

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Top tier media

Getting top tier media online and off line like Reuters, Asia Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Bloomberg or VentureBeat delivers instant credibility and validation for a company seeking investors.

What we offer
  • Identify & book media
  • Strategy & pitch
  • Media Tour – phone or in person
  • Management & follow-up
  • Business social media sharing

Business TV

The business TV shows on news networks like Bloomberg, CNBC, ABC and CNN can offer exceptional reach to decision-makers who rely on these programs to guide and inform.

What we offer
  • Book interviews
  • Coaching and message
  • In studio interviews
  • Repurposing news clips online
  • Sharing via business social media

Key trade & niche media

Niche media is an essential component of any smart media strategy. Not only does it inform an highly targeted audience, it feeds news into many of the business print, TV, and online media.

What we offer
  • Select & book target media
  • Briefing guide & support
  • Interview management
  • Measurement
  • Business social media sharing

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What our Clients say

  • Not only did our CEO have the opportunity to brief top tier local press about the Company’s operations and growth plans, but we received outstanding coverage as a result.

    Victoria McDonald, Corporate Communications, Sr. Manager
  • DMG secured powerful TV news coverage for Austrade’s clients exhibiting at CES in the USA.

    David Lawson, Consul-General and Trade Commissioner, San Francisco
  • DMG has delivered on every front with exceptional news media coverage for the launch in Australia, USA and globally – and ongoing.

    Bob Matthews, CEO Ausra Australia


Discover the power of news media


You know how | investors invest in companies that they know about? So the fastest way for companies to attract investment is to be featured in the media that investors know and trust.

Well what we do is | get you profiled in the right media – including print, TV, online, radio, podcasts, video, blogs – so your company gets in front of investors in the right way, at the right time and with the right message.

In fact | this method has helped our client companies in Australia, USA and Asia raise $134 million already through successful IPOs, VC and seed funding. Plus our media programs help manage investor engagement to support stock price and company growth. 





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