March 27, 2012

Timing is everything with social media

Peak tweeting according to a report in PR Daily today is from 9am to 11am and again at around 3pm. So according to the report to get away from the crowd and maybe get more readers 5pm is a better time to tweet, and later in the week.

Alternatively spread them across the day avoiding the high traffic times.  This of course corresponds with the highs and lows of workplace activity.

Similarly public relations and media relations success is all about timing. At DMG Media Marketing we have found over the years that connecting with journalists and bloggers is best done late in the day (for the next day’s news) rather than first thing in the morning when they are all focused on either getting out their morning news feed or working on the stories they planed the day before.

Calling or emailing or tweeting a news story, interview opportunity, trend concept or announcement after 5pm will garner a much better response.

They might even pick up the phone and have time for a chat which is pretty exciting!

Building your online connections with Linkedin is also very much dependent on timing. Have you ever had someone respond to an invite with “where have I met you?” or worse “who are you?”.  Always try to link people in on the day of or at the latest the next day after you have met them to avoid this problem and certainly mention when and where you met as a reminder. It will be the difference between an immediate “accept” and a delayed “who are you”.


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