November 7, 2011

The importance of company news updates

Here you have it from a journalist’s perspective. The importance of regular market updates – not beat-up news but relevant Company updates – new key staff, speaker presentations, reports etc – they are all important indicators that businesses is ok.

“If it seems like there hasn’t been a lot of news lately coming from the algae industry’s largest algae-to-fuel gamble, Sapphire Energy, well, we’re happy to report that it’s not about trouble in paradise. It’s more just a lot of work being done on the inside and a lot of development work on the outside—a hundred acres worth. As for the silence, “It’s kind of like the swan swimming on the surface, looking very graceful, but with the feet going crazy under the surface. We’ve been busy scaling up!” says company President and Chairman Cynthia C.J. Warner, a chemical engineer who prior to joining Sapphire served as Group Vice President, Global Refining for BP, where she was instrumental in turning around BP’s US refining business.”

via AIM Interview: Sapphire Energy’s C.J. Warner and Tim Zenk :Algae Industry Magazine.

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