May 31, 2015


We work with many startups and see what goes on from the inside.

One of the big problems we see in startups is talented senior females in the executive team or even founders or co-founders taking on the “busy work” in a bid to get the company moving fast.

Website build/design and management of coders, attracting and selecting the right staff, legal terms and conditions, email marketing tools and consultants, office selection, selecting inhouse technology processes and platforms, monthly reporting and data, insurance, staff contracts, marketing and more…

Yes we know women are often able to get more done than most – and there is alway lots to do in startups – but it seems there are few awards for the people that do all the work – they get sidekick status and the executives that “stay above it all” are seen as strategic and management and so get the kudos for things running smoothly, targets being met, technology and teams.

Being the reliable hand maiden or sidekick that gets stuff done won’t necessarily get you to the management table in the eyes of investors or boards. Especially if you are being compared to a male executive.

Our view is share the love and delegate fast – and spend more time on EQ rather than busy work.



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