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TrialWire an “earned media” PR pitching and placement service offers a new on-demand targeted media approach to patient recruitment.

TrialWire works with journalists and bloggers to get Study information in front of the right people, those most likely to be eligible for a Study. Click here to get started

“We get Study news content in the print, TV, online and social media they consume and trust,” said Susan Fitzpatrick-Napier MD of Digital Mantra Group.

“Some specialist journalists and bloggers we work with share news to more than 20,000 people on topics such as women’s health, men’s health, diabetes and arthritis and more.”

TrialWire is designed to address the patient enrollment crisis, the main pain point in clinical trials and drug development. Up to 70% of clinical trials fail to recruit enough patients causing delays to drug approvals and getting them to market, and huge cost over runs.

The experienced team, with more than 15 years of proven recruitment success leveraging earned editorial media, offers a new and proven alternative to expensive advertising.

TrialWire is essentially a public relations or media relations approach to sharing Study news.

Most media news content is now online or ends up online, which offers powerful, targeted reach to demographic and geographic groups based on Study eligibility.

In addition, when a news story is online it supports patient recruitment with links to online pre-screeners or email to a Clinic.

We also find many potential patients are accessing health news on their smart phone. There is a massive shift to smart phones in Australia, New Zealand and Asia – even among the 60-80 age group.

TrialWire is part of the Digital Mantra Group a public relations firm established in 2001.

Founder, former journalist and clinical trial and healthcare communications specialist Susan Fitzpatrick-Napier said TrialWire is a proven solution developed over the past 15 years of delivering patient recruitment public relations and communications programs for some of the world’s biggest CROs and pharma companies. As well as innovative smaller biotech and pharma companies.

  • TrialWire is a highly targeted service designed to reach and engage only high quality pre-qualified people
  • TrialWire is public relations so doesn’t require EC approved
  • TrialWire keeps cost per patient enrolled costs down by engaging existing social digital and online health news services to reach potential patients
  • TrialWire delivers patients for new studies as well emergency enrollment for slow recruiting studies. Sponsors or CRO can dictate the enrollment timeframe or rates depending on Clinic capabilities or looming deadlines.

Fitzpatrick-Napier started working in clinical trial recruitment more than 20 years ago.

“I saw first hand the challenges of informing people about clinical trials as Communications Director for two of Australia’s largest hospitals The Royal Womens’ Hospital and The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

“I quickly discovered the power of health research news features on TV or in print or online for generating interest from highly eligible patients. ”

Since then Fitzpatrick-Napier has worked with the regions’ largest CRO Novotech on patient recruitment and media communications campaigns as well as international recruitment firms including Medichi and Accurrian, USA and Australian biotech and pharma organisations, pharma and biotechs from USA, UK and Australia, and the Australian Government.

She is a guest speaker at BIO events and the Australian clinical trial industry association ARCS on social and digital media patient recruitment

Digital Mantra Group also offers a free clinical trial retention mobile app service called in Australia and New Zealand and is launching in Asia early next year.

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