November 23, 2015

PRESS RELEASE: DMG PR/UX How to Guide. How to double clinical trial patient recruitment on your Study website

When you consider how much time and money is spent getting a person to a Study website, it’s important to make sure that they quickly and easily find what they are looking for. It’s vital that they get information that either pre-qualifies them and ultimately brings them to the Clinic for screening, or determines that they may not be suitable for the Study in a pleasant way so they are inspired to become a referral source for friends and family.

This is called User Experience or UX. We call our specialist patient recruitment UX, PR/UX.

CLICK HERE to download the “PR/UX How to Guide”

Digital Mantra Group has been at the forefront of rapid patient recruitment solutions for the past 15 years working with some of the largest CROs including Novotech and leading pharma and biotech sponsors on global studies.

Our global team of UX experts can in under 10 minutes identify easy to implement often minor tweaks that can super-charge recruitment. CROs and Sponsor clients get unlimited PR/UX reviews at the start and throughout the recruitment phase to ensure maximum engagement and conversion of only the right people. TrialWire PR/UX is just AU$6,000 for unlimited reviews and recommendations for up to 1 year.

We have tapped our global team of PR/UX experts to distill the top Study website rules that can double patient recruitment.

As most Studies move towards online recruitment models the most important conversion moment is now the Study website. Consider the amount of money spent to get someone to that point. That’s why UX is possibly the most important investment a CRO or Sponsor can make.

CLICK HERE to download the “PR/UX How to Guide”

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