May 31, 2015

Putting a value on media reporting

How valuable is media coverage from top-tier media or trade/industry media? Smart companies know the value of respected third party media validation to their brand, business and growth. So they are prepared to invest in media agencies that open doors to influential media and manage the process to support the information exchange between the company and the journalist.

Plus they know how to leverage the value of media reports and extend the reach and life of these powerful reputation builders.

  • Website: feature media logos and article headlines on the front page of your website for maximum impact.
  • Stakeholders/customers/business development: send out emails and social posts with the link to all stakeholders, biz dev prospects and include on your/company-wide email signature
  • Industry media: Consider sharing the link with industry media so you get a second round of news reporting.

Amir Peleg, CEO TaKaDu
“DMG has successfully introduced TaKaDu to key business journalists which has resulted in our company and our clients being profiled in opinion-leading national business media with international reach. They are proven experts and well connected with business media. Most importantly they have worked professionally with our clients and stakeholders around media engagements. They are responsive and intuitive trusted advisers making them exceptional business partners.”

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