October 15, 2015

PRESS RELEASE | HLA gets PRCover the fixed-price unlimited PR service for SMEs and startups that want investment attraction and rapid growth



November 1, 2015

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Health Language Analytics (HLA) the leading natural language processing technology platform has taken advantage of PRCover, the unlimited PR service for startups and SMEs.

HLA has just signed up for a year’s unlimited PR with a focus on USA media for investment attraction and customer engagement and acquisition.

Over the past 15 years Digital Mantra Group has delivered media profiles for more than 74 companies for capital raising and deal flow helping generate more than $145m in funding, and has launched and grown many of these businesses into global companies.

PRCover puts an end to hourly rates, retainers, project fees and budget blow-outs. It’s a lean and stripped down PR service that just delivers media profile and coverage when and where you need it – in Australia, Asia and USA.

It’s a news media public relations service that offers unlimited media coverage at a fixed low price. PRCover also comes with a guaranteed minimum media coverage each month.

CEOs know that if they want new customers or investors they need to be in the media that customer decision-makers trust. They know that media delivers credibility, third party validation, profile and enhanced reputation.

PRCover is designed to get companies all the media profile they need, when and where they need it – all for a fixed annual fee that slashes the cost of PR to less than $240 per week.

“If you consider a news article in a key industry or business media can be worth $5,000-10,000-plus in marketing and business value, PRCover pays for its self fast,” said Susan Fitzpatrick-Napier MD of Digital Mantra Group.

“With ad blocking disrupting the online marketing world, original content about your company from reputable media outlets is now king for business growth.”

PRCover is the first fixed-price, unlimited, anytime PR service – with a dedicated PR Account Executive and monthly briefing sessions with the MD.

This is all you need each month to transform your business.

For a small fixed-price per year you get:

  1. Unlimited media coverage & press releases: unlimited company news research and preparation, press releases and media pitching to secure media profiles anywhere/anytime in Asia, Australia, New Zealand and USA (print, TV, online)
  2. PR executive: support, advice and guidance including messaging 24×7
  3. Media profile guarantee: at least one guaranteed media profile every month (or at least 12 for the year anytime) in the media you want to be seen in. You chose – anywhere in the USA, Asia or Australia.

Plus get up to $6,000 reimbursement with the Export Marketing Development Grant.

“Our secret is simple. We have stripped our PR service back to the core essential – getting media coverage.  We also work smart and fast, tapping our deep experience delivering news media coverage for companies around the world over the past 15 years”, said Fitzpatrick-Napier.

“We know what interests specific bloggers and journalists and how to pitch them to get news coverage for your company.”

Also PRCover guarantees each month:

  • professionally written press releases
  • press release distributed online to key search engines
  • up to 1 hour News Discovery call to find your news and package it in the way journalists want – with the MD and your PR account executive
  • messaging review/pre-interview briefing prior to any media interview
  • top 10 media contacts list – updated monthly with key media influencer ratings
  • dedicated PR agency media contact phone and email – we take the calls for you

“PRCover is the first unlimited, anytime, anywhere PR offering designed to be there when you need it. No retainers or paying for quiet months or meetings,” said Fitzpatrick-Napier.

“Just PR clout when you need it to deliver investors or win deals.”

Extend the life and influence of PRCover news wins by sharing your news articles and press releases on your website and social media and email to customers.

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