August 14, 2015

Boost investors and customers reach with “Name Dropper”

Based on decades of experience managing media interviews with clients, DMG highly recommends a simple technique it calls Name Dropper, that gets you in front of influencers in your sector as well as investors, big customers and potential partners.

It easily doubles the media value, search engine appeal, reach and outcomes from an interview and published article.

How does it work?

We have always been told not to promote our competitors by mentioning them in interviews. Well forget that. With everything pretty well going online now you need to think how to maximise your search appeal and how to get into your decision-makers’ news alert feed.

Name Dropper is about mentioning the names of your competitors, potential investors, customers, and partners in interviews so their names appear in the published article/TV/radio item. This guarantees the article is picked up in their company news alert feed or when they search one of your competitors or related companies.

Every company has some form of news alert from Google Alerts to Meltwater etc. So when you drop key company names in your interview it gets your company in the news feed of your decision-makers.


Think about an article you read online in say in Tech Crunch or Wall Street Journal. You probably found it from searching a company or person’s name. In the article you might discover competitors to this company, investors or other executives in the space that you didn’t know about and that you might want to follow up on.

Now imagine if we got you in interview with Tech Crunch or the Wall Street Journal. Your company is a software company and you want investors, customers and influencers to take notice of you but you are small and not a big name so people won’t be searching for you online yet. But imagine if you mentioned the investors you wanted, or big name competitors or your partner wish list. Now there are some powerful search terms.

So this is a guaranteed way of getting in front of exactly the people you want.

Suggested ways to do this during an interview  are…

  • The ways we differ /benefits we offer from our competitors which include company x, y, z..
  • The benefits we offer over our competitors which include company x, y, z..are..
  • Ideally we are seeking an investor like company x, y, z..
  • Our target customers are company x, y, z..
  • We are talking to potential partners at the moment. Our ideal partner would be a company like X, Y, Z

Remember the journalist won’t mind because these names bring context to the story and help the reader understand more about your position in the market and vision.

If you want to go further consider a keyword search around your target sector and include some of those in your interview Click here to find out more


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