July 28, 2010

DMG secures media wins for Finisar

Finisar global CEO Eitan Gertel was in town last week and DMG arranged high-profile media meetings with the AFR, ARN, ITNews, Exchange Daily and ZDNet where he spoke about bandwidth capacity globally, and how Finisar’s ROADM technology developed in Australia and backed by Starfish Ventures is now the world leader. See reports in ITNews, Exchange Daily and ZDNet.

According to Finisar CEO, Eitan Gertel, the ROADM market is growing at an unprecedented rate. “People did not prophecy the ROADM market to be as big as it is…It is growing at about 30 or 40 percent per year. Every system deployed today has a lot of ROADMs in it because operators want to have a lot of flexibility.”

He added that the 2010 market for ROADMs had been put at $US154m, but this estimate was far too low. “We sold $27m in ROADMs last quarter so our run rate is over $US100m per year, but we believe we have less than 50 percent of the market.” [Exchange Daily]

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