May 23, 2011

DMG helps turn up the heat for solar in Australia

DMG is running the media marketing campaign for the current solar crisis in Australia. Coverage has included all the TV news stations over the past week (most nights), radio both State and National, daily newspapers including AFR, The Australian, SMH and the Daily and Sunday Telegraph.

Sydney Morning Herald

“The solar industry has run a strong campaign against the Coalition proposal with the Australian Solar Energy Society engaging the high profile American public relations firm DMG to promote its cause.”

In Sydney this week 1500 householders and business people marched against the government’s plans.
Do Something!, a not-for profit environmental organisation, has also entered the debate.
“By tearing up government-guaranteed contracts that he said he would honour, Barry O’Farrell will be taking an estimated $450 million from the NSW households who

have helped to fund this ‘People Power’ station,” said Jon Dee, founder of Do Something! and NSW Australian of the Year 2010.

The Daily Liberal

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