February 17, 2013

Content is still king

We all know content is king – but how many companies have a content marketing plan that delivers on their capital raising or lead generation targets? This is a plan for generating new content for the online and offline channels that tap your influencers and decision-makers (IDMs).

Everyone is busy so the more you can re-purpose a core document – an ebook, whitepaper, article, blog, column, PPT presentation etc – the better. For example: if you get featured in an article, post it on your website media room, include a link in the Company enewsletter, in the website blog, in your (your team’s) email sign off, use it in a PPT presention, refer to it in a radio interview or podcast – and most importantly don’t be shy in mention it in investor or client meetings.

The same applies if you are preparing an eBook for example –  take a look at a great new free publishing platform pandamian which lets you write, store and link to your ebook. Excerpts and summaries can be used in all the above places with links to the full version. Industry bloggers, clients and partners will also like to share good eBook content – as long as it is not sales focused. To add further value strip the ebook down to an article for submission in your industry media, prepare a press release announcing the ebook, or even create a checklist from the key themes.

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