April 18, 2018

CDD featured in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age

Morton was referred to Professor Thomas Borody, a gastroenterologist and FMT pioneer, who prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs and – the game changer, according to Morton  – faecal capsules, made bespoke at Borody’s Sydney clinic.

Morton, who takes four capsules each day, has been symptom-free since September 2016.

“It feels fantastic. It allows me to live a normal life. It actually feels good to have hope, as well, that the condition is being cured. I believe it’s working,” he says.

Morton’s belief may have good grounds. A trial published in The Lancet in early 2017, co-designed by Borody, found that FMT led to complete remission in just over one in four patients with ulcerative colitis. And a study in for JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, in November found that for C. difficile, in which FMT is up to 90 per cent effective, crapsules worked just as well as FMT via colonoscopy.

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