DMG PR Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-02

Journalism skills that translate into the PR world | Articles http://t.co/gAhxMQnM # How to cultivate reporter relationships on Twitter | Articles http://t.co/adx9a2Nf # 9 tips for writing magnetic headlines right away | Articles http://t.co/hRYpUWFl # 10 reasons to give thanks: PR edition | Articles http://t.co/CXqyiKZp # Facebook to IPO in 2012? USA market intelligence for […]

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AU enters the hot cleantech hopes of 2011

Australian cleantech companies are starting to make their presence felt in the international market, with two local companies ranking among the top 100 private cleantech companies in the world for the first time.Windlab Systems and Barefoot Power last week became the first Australian companies to be ranked in the The Global Cleantech 100, a listing […]

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The importance of company news updates

Here you have it from a journalist’s perspective. The importance of regular market updates – not beat-up news but relevant Company updates – new key staff, speaker presentations, reports etc – they are all important indicators that businesses is ok. “If it seems like there hasn’t been a lot of news lately coming from the […]

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