March 5, 2012

5 ways to build trust and win the deals you want

Who can you trust in business? Yes you trust companies and people you know, but how does a new or unknown company get your trust?

Do you trust the opinion and reporting of journalists and bloggers in your industry media? Most would say yes. The quality media, not the ones that produce editorial on the back of advertising which are often biased and should be classified as advertising.

Build trust via your target investors’ and clients’ trusted media

So it makes sense that one of the best ways of building a trusted name is to get featured in the media your target investors or clients trust. Here are some of the ways to get that trust…

1. Get known

Introduce yourself and your company to key media. Even if you don’t have a “breaking news story” it is fine to contact them and let them know a bit about you via phone or email. Definitely send a follow up email with your contact details, any reports, whitepapers recent news reports etc so they have something on file. There is virtually no chance of getting covered unless they know about you. Remember studies in the US have shown that more than 97% of the daily news is actually generated via PR agencies. Journalists just don’t have enough time to trawl though the thousands of companies in their sector. So make yourself known.

2. Aim to get published

Check in with your key media contacts regularly – preferably by email as they are usually time poor and over worked. This way the next time they are reporting on an issue related to your company or product you might get a call or email for a comment. Just being included in an article is an excellent start.

3. Expert source/opinion leader

You or someone in your Company could well be an expert in your industry so make sure your media contacts know who they are and have their credentials. If your Expert Source is speaking at a conference or event make sure you tell your media, send the presentation and offer an interview. If nothing else you are establishing them as a leader in the space and someone they could contact for comment or opinion in the future.

4. Over share

Once you get included in an article make sure everyone sees it. You have officially earned trust! Send a link from a scan posted on your website or the article embedded on your site – make this an opportunity to bring people to your website. Tweet the article, post on LinkedIn, include in your enewsletter. Even put a link on your email signature. This way you extend the life and reach of that one article.

5. Aim for a feature or news article on your Company

Ideally the next media opportunity will be a feature article or news report on your Company. Try selecting one of your key media and give them an exclusive insight into an issue, give an opinion even take a position, share news on a product or give exclusive access to a visiting expert to your Company etc.

Getting in front your target investors’ or clients’ via their trusted media is free and understandably a thousand times more credible and influential than expensive advertising and indeed most other forms of marketing.




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