February 17, 2013

5 tips for a winning interview with USA media

This week we arranged a number of interviews with leading USA business media and there are a number of pointers that executives that want a good interview should keep in mind.

1. Set the scene: Describe your offering in terms of the USA market. Use USA firms and markets as comparisons.

2. Data, data, data: Always have at hand key global and local data.

3. Assume nothing: Always ask a few questions about the reporter’s level of knowledge about your subject. You should have read a few of their articles prior to the interview also.

4. Soundbite: Give them some headlines. Short punchy sentences that will help them tell the story and garner interest from their readers.

5. First hand perceptions: Tell them about your experience. If you are meeting with investors, businesses, or simply in the USA share your findings. Some examples are:

  • Investors are particularly interested in X…
  • On this visit we are finding the business sentiment /economy much more positive/receptive to X
  • We are finding USA companies are very keen to partner with overseas companies with great ideas, strong IP and a proven management team…
  • Cleantech/tech/ is a fast growing sector and we haven’t experienced any roadblocks to meetings with decision-makers during our visit.


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