March 17, 2012

3 Investment Communications Tips from the AFR

At DMG Media Marketing we were pleased to read an IPO and investment article in the Australian Financial Reviewthat mentioned the importance of investor communications not once but three times. It also featured one of our key clients SIM VSE, the clean tech stock exchange, and the CEO Ann Bowering who is expecting 20 listings within 12 months.

Ann Bowering CEO SIM VSE

“Having clean-tech companies list on a specialist exchange will, over time, provide much more profile for them,” she says. “It creates a hub for emerging and established companies, financial advisers, researchers and investors who are interested in clean technology.”

So the article by Tony Featherstone said:

1. media mentions are an excellent way to research and identify the best investments

2. before you invest and as part of the due diligence process check the communications plan and get examples of communications underway

3. make sure the people at the top representing the company can promote the company and that it will be a marketable proposition at the time of listing

The secret to our success is that we understand and know how to leverage, the power of  Trusted Media.

Trusted Media: is the media that your specific target audience trusts for opinions, guidance and validation.

Our strategies deliver positive mentions and features about your Company in key decision-makers’ Trusted Media.

So if you are wanting seed funding through to a successful IPO, lead generation through to conversion to deals, Media Marketing is the all-in-one solution that delivers the results every time.

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