TrialWire | the advanced solution for tough to recruit clinical trials

The problem:

Patient recruitment failure is costing Sponsors millions of dollars because more than 80% of clinical trials miss enrollment timelines.

The Solution:

TrialWire is unique communications offering comprising Mediscreener, Newscaster, MediRefer and The ToolKit. We are a full-service patient recruitment communications agency so can manage all or part of your patient recruitment program. From Google Adwords campaigns, news media coverage, patient advocacy engagement and physician referral tools and more.

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About Mediscreener (request a briefing here) 

The most advanced fixed monthly fee online eligibility screener designed to:

  • deliver unlimited patients to unlimited Clinics/Sites
  • cut Study Coordinator time handling non-eligible people
  • seamlessly connect pre-screened patients with SCs via email or a Mediscreener reception service (a live person!) putting an end to voicemail fall off where patients don’t want to leave their private details
  • trackable with a Sponsor dashboard so contact with clinics can be tracked real time and overloaded clinics can be temporarily taken off the screener
  • approved by EC/IRB instantly because it doesn’t collect patient information

One of the data elements in the Mediscreener Dashboard


An example of the news media coverage that boosts recruitment

About Newscaster (request a briefing here) 

The press release and news distribution service that get study news in all the right places:

  • health blogs
  • newspapers and magazines
  • TV
  • radio
  • health trades (for referring GPs and Specialists)
  • patient advocacy group websites and social feeds



About MediRefer the largest GP and specialist referral network in the region. (see the details here)

About the Patient Recruitment Tool Kit (see the kit details here)

The Patient Recruitment ToolKit – all the essentials every Study might need.

The patient and physician communications essentials including Facebook Adverts, Google Adwords, print adverts, radio scripts, Mediscreener set up, doctor to doctor letter and more so:

  • all the tools you might ever need for the study are ready and EC/IRB approved
  • if the Study needs a recruitment boost at any stage it takes hours to activate marketing rather than risk wasting potentially weeks or months getting EC/IRB approval – time many trials don’t have especially when nearing recruitment deadlines




Click here to learn more about the TrialWire rapid recruitment solution now

How do we measure success?

The key metric for success is enrollment numbers, but we also track responses to the news stories we generate using tools like Google Analytics which give extra visibility.

Visitor increase to Sites every time we succeed in getting a TrialWire news article.

Data shows Site visitors numbers increase when a TrialWire news article is published.

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