PRCover | for rapid media profile

PRCover influences investors, customers, partners and more…fast, by getting companies profiled in the news media.

Put simply – we get your company news, product or service featured in industry, financial, business or consumer media, including print, TV, online and even radio. Plus we set up and mange day to day all your social media channels to generate and extend maximum influence.

And it’s just one agreed fixed-fee depending on your company size and requirements for up to one year of unlimited PR with a minimum guaranteed news feature placement each month. No extras. No monthly invoices.


It’s the first fixed-price, unlimited  media relations and public relations (PR) service that gets your company in the news media fast and often.


How do we do it?

  • We’ve cut the regular cost of PR by focussing on one thing – getting you profiled in the media – and cut out the fancy reports and long meetings you get with other agencies.
  • Expect at least 1-8 news feature each month.
  • We have a proven track record of more than 15 years. Just ask any of our clients!

What exactly do you get?

  1. Unlimited media coverage, social media & press releases: unlimited company news research and preparation, social media, press releases and media pitching to secure media profiles anywhere/anytime in Asia, Australia, New Zealand and USA (print, TV, online)
  2. PR executive: support, advice and guidance including messaging 24×7
  3. Media profile guarantee: at least one guaranteed media profile every month (or at least 12 for the year anytime) in the media you want to be seen in. You chose – anywhere in the USA, Asia or Australia.

Here’s an example of a PRCover TV news report on Sky News for one of our clients (please ask us for testimonials or more media examples)

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