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May 6, 2018

Professor Borody | The Today Show

Professor Borody MD of the CDD appeared on the Today Show to discuss FMT and gut health and to call for extra donors due to an increase in demand for FMT treatments.

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April 18, 2018

CDD featured in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age

Morton was referred to Professor Thomas Borody, a gastroenterologist and FMT pioneer, who prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs and – the game changer, according to Morton  – faecal capsules, made bespoke at Borody’s Sydney clinic. Morton, who takes four capsules each day, has been symptom-free since September 2016. “It feels fantastic. It allows me to live a […]

DMG News
July 3, 2017

Press Release | CDD appoints DMG

The world leader in FMT and digestive diseases, the Centre for Digestive Diseases (CDD) has appointed DMG for media relations as part of a rapid growth strategy for the company. Based in Sydney, Australia, the CDD headed by Professor Thomas Borody is the world leader for innovative digestive diseases treatment that cannot be treated using […]

Biopharma, Clinical Trials, Tech
July 3, 2017

Press Release | DMG selected for ZKP ASX listing

DMG investor relations has been selected to provide investor marketing services for leading China tech firm ZKP. DMG services include advanced online investor relations, fact sheets, presentations, and roadshows as well as news media coverage about the listing.

Investor Relations
July 3, 2017

Press release | DMG selected for new PBC clinical trial

DMG patient recruitment firm TrialWire has been selected to recruit patients for a new Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC) study in Australia and New Zealand. The program leverages the latest in social media and online tools to reach and inform potential patients about the study. The highly targetted methodology called 3PR ensures study information is seen by people […]

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